About BestBars.In

About the Project

BestBars.in helps to discover the most interesting, hype, and trending places all around the world. We write about places we visit and fall in love with.

Beside great selection of bars (which we will try to update once a week) you can also find  delicious cocktails with recipes and techniques, bar management tips and tricks and much more.

Want to Help?


If you like BestBars.in project and would like to help us in making it better there are lots of options.

First, you can reach out to us and recommend a place you think is worth mentioning. Second - you can become a BestBars.in writer/photographer, in this case you create content yourself. Once it is reviewed and edited if required it will be published and you get all the credit! Third way of helping us is spreading the word, please share our content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - anywhere, we would love you even more!

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