Welcome to our collection of the most delicious and eye-catchy cocktails. From the well-known classics to contemporary creations shared with us by the world's leading mixologists.


Nope, Not Ripe, Still Not, Eat Me Now!! Too Late  - tequila based cocktail with avocado. This is definitely not your typical mix of flavours.

Then and Now - a real treat for all the gin lovers, one of the best ways to deal with your thirst.

Back for Seconds is a real treat for the bourbon fans. Combine it with ginger and pineapple and you got your magical mix.

Mezcal Train To Georgia is a Mezcal version of Margarita taken to a whole new level. One of the most popular recipes on social media.


Cherroku Sour cocktail

Cherroku Sour

“Cherroku Sour” is our funky shake that became one of the most popular and shared recipes on Instagram hitting over a thousand likes in just one hour. As some of you guessed, basil does...

Purple rain cocktail

Purple Rain

Purple Rain is one of the most beloved cocktails on Instagram. It is beautiful and delicious and would definitely remind you of summer when it’s over, and can also deal with your thirst on...

Then and Now cocktail

Then and Now

This is a real treat for all the gin lovers – one of the best ways to deal with your thirst. And definitely a very beautiful and delicious way. This amazing cocktail was handcrafted...

Mezcal Train To Georgia cocktail

Mezcal Train To Georgia

This is one of the most beloved recipes on our Instagram channel. And for a very good reason. It contains so many amazing flavours carefully selected and adjusted by a very talented bartender Ashley...

Back for Seconds cocktail recipe

Back for Seconds

This is definitely a fantastic explosion of flavours. Just imagine ginger, pineapple and bourbon. Amazing refreshing drink created by a very talented home bar and cocktail enthusiast Carolyn @carolinaverbena Ingredients: 2 oz George Remus...

Cilantro Cooler cocktail

Cilantro Cooler

“Cilantro Cooler” is a fantastic refreshing drink that saved us from so many hot days last summer and it received tons of love on our Instagram channel. It is a beautiful creation from one...

Mind Over Liver 2 cocktail

Mind Over Liver 2

Mind over Liver 2 is a reshake on the original cocktail from one of our most favourite home bartenders Ebby Kurian (aka @ebbydranks). This is not the most usual mix, not every day you...

Eddy's Summer Challenge cocktail recipe

Eddy’s Summer Challenge

Occasionally on our Instagram, we go live with leading bartenders and at the end of the session, we challenge them to come up with a cocktail recipe based on the ingredients presented. Eddy’s Summer...

Strawberry Mojito cocktail recipe

Strawberry Mojito

We all love a classical mojito, it is fresh, it is tropical, refreshing and simply delicious. But sometimes you just want some extra flavours. Well, strawberries do the magic together with mind and lime....